Sample basic install information.

To install sample, follow the usual steps:

# cd sample-VERSION/

On most systems, simply:
# ./configure

On OSX, /usr/bin/sample already exists, so use the following to rename
sample/samples/sampled to fsample/fsamples/fsampled:
# ./configure --enable-f-prefix

# make

# make install

Start the daemon, this will need to be placed in your rc script(s) as well.
This can also be launched by directly executing "/path/to/sampled":
# samputil start

As a user, to edit your ~/.sample file (with validation/etc):
$ sample

To test if the sample daemon (sampled) is running properly for the active
user run the following set of commands. It will attempt to delete
~/testfile if the file modification time is older than 1 second (essentially
immediately). Sampled processes every minute, on the minute, so the file
should disappear right around when the system clock hits :00 seconds.
$ touch ~/testfile
$ samples add ~/testfile M 1s "rm -f %s"

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