Sample project information.

Sample is the missing link in the POSIX-compliant cron-family of task
scheduling tools. Sample monitors files on a user-by-user basis and waits
for their timestamp/filesize to hit a threshold thereby executing a
specified command to handle the files.


      - POSIX-compliant, portable on unix-based systems.
      - Simple, easy to understand syntax and quick to learn.
      - Versatile, capable for use in many situations.
      - Fast, run quickly and restricted if need be.
      - Small, leave a small footprint in memory and execution.
      - Expandable, can grow without changing the core syntax.
      - Secure, as much as possible running arbitrary commands.


The best way to understand sample is to view the manual pages for the

man sample      - Command-line interface for users, like crontab is to crond. (also shows syntax/examples)
man samples     - Command-line interface for single-instance/spooled sample files.
man sampled     - The daemon that processes users ~/.sample, and related files.
man samputil    - Shell-script interface for sampled. (apachectl-based)
man sample.conf - The configuration for sampled to use.

install         - Basic information on installing sample.


Sample will only "sample" matched files if the active user has _write_
access to the file and it does not contain non-printable characters, it
will not process the matched file at any level otherwise.

Sample will only process unique users with unique home directories,
this is done on a first-come frist-serve basis. So, if a user or
home directory is first in the /etc/passwd file (including network
users) and another entry has the same user or home directory that other
user will not be processed at any level.


v1.3: sample-1.3.tar.gz
v1.3: sample-1.3.tar.bz2

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